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Pamela Sargent.


If Ever I Should Leave You. 1974
Shadows. 1974
Gather Blue Roses. 1972
Oasis. 1971
Julio 204. 1971
IMT. 1973
Desert Places. 1974
The Other Perceiver. 1972
Bond and Free. 1974
Clone Sister. 1973

Pamela Sargent, ed.
Women of Wonder.


Judith Merril. That Only a Mother. 1948
Ursula K. Le Guin. Vaster Than Empires and More Slow. 1971
Katherine MacLean. Contagion. 1950
Women in Science Fiction. 1974
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. False Dawn. 1972
Sonya Dorman. When I Was Miss Dow. 1966
Anne McCaffrey. The Ship Who Sang. 1961
Marion Zimmer Bradley. The Wind People. 1958
Joanna Russ. Nobody's Home. 1972
Carol Emshwiller. Sex and/or Mr Morrison. 1967
Vonda N. McIntyre. Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand. 1973
[expanded as Dreamsnake]
Kate Wilhelm. Baby, You Were Great. 1967
Sonya Dorman. The Child Dreams. 1975
Kit Reed. The Food Farm. 1966

Pamela Sargent, ed.
More Women of Wonder.


Joan D. Vinge. Tin Soldier. 1974
C. L. Moore. Jirel Meets Magic. 1935
Leigh Brackett. The Lake of the Gone Forever. 1949
Joanna Russ. The Second Inquisition. 1970
Josephine Saxton. The Power of Time. 1971
Kate Wilhelm. The Funeral. 1972
Ursula K. Le Guin. The Day Before the Revolution. 1974