Books : reviews

Idella Purnell Stone, ed.
14 Great Tales of ESP.


Isaac Asimov. Belief. 1953
Mack Reynolds. I'm a Stranger Here Myself.
Reginald Bretnor. The Man on Top.
Jay Williams. False Image.
Randall Garrett. The Foreign Hand Tie.
Zenna Henderson. Ararat.
James H. Schmitz. These Are the Arts. 1962
Hugh Grover is suspicious of the Galcom craze, and isolates himself until it is past. Then he discovers that his worst fears about its effect are true.
Murray Leinster. The Leader.
Robert F. Young. The Garden in the Forest.
Eric Frank Russell. And Still It Moves.
Mark Clifton, Alex Apostolides. What Thin Partitions.
Robert A. Heinlein. Project Nightmare. 1953
Fredric Brown. Preposterous.
Walter Bupp. Modus Vivendi.