Short works

Books : reviews

Susan Stepney, Paul S. Andrews, Mark N. Read, eds.
CoSMoS 2012.
Luniver Press. 2012

(read but not reviewed)


Paul S. Andrews, Susan Stepney, Jonathan Timmis. Simulation as a scientific instrument. 2012
Jose Evora, Jose Juan Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Enrique Kremers. Asynchronous smart grid simulations. 2012
Philip Garnett. Going around again -- modelling standing ovations with a flexible agent-based simulaton framework. 2012
Richard B. Greaves, Fiona Polack, John Forrester. CoSMoS in the context of socio-ecological systems research. 2012
Susan Stepney. A pattern language for scientific simulations. 2012
Alexey Goltsov, Gregory Goltsov, Adam T. Sampson. Simulating the effects of anticoagulant drugs upon blood clotting dynamics. 2012