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Kristian Rother.
Pro Python Best Practices: debugging, testing and maintenance.
Apress. 2017

Learn software engineering and coding best practices to write Python code right and error free. In this book you'll see how to properly debug, organize, test, and maintain your code, all of which leads to better, more efficient coding.

Software engineering is difficult. Programs of any substantial length are inherently prone to errors of all kinds. The development cycle is full of traps unknown to the apprentice developer. Yet, in Python textbooks little attention is paid to this aspect of getting your code to run. At most, there is a chapter on debugging or unit testing in your average basic Python book. However, the proportion of time spent on getting your code to run is much higher in the real world. Pro Python Best Practices aims to solve this problem.

You will:
• Learn common debugging techniques that help you find and eliminate errors
• Gain techniques to detect bugs more easily
• Use best practices to maintain a project over a long time
• Learn techniques to keep your project under control