Short works

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Richard P. Feynman, Jeffrey Robbins.
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: the best short works.
Penguin. 1999


The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. 1981
Computing Machines in the Future. 1985
Los Alamos from Below
What Is and What Should Be the Role of Scientific Culture in Modern Society. 1964
There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom. 1959
The Value of Science
Richard P. Feynman's Minority Report to the Space Shuttle Challenger Inquiry
What Is Science? 1966
The Smartest Man in the World. 1979
Cargo Cult Science: some Remarks on Science, Pseudoscience, and Learning How Not to Fool Yourself. 1974
It's as Simple as One, Two, Three
Richard Feynman builds a Universe
The Relation of Science and Religion