Books : reviews

Gene I. Rochlin, ed.
Scientific Technology and Social Change.
Freeman. 1974


Sherwood L. Washburn. Tools and Human Evolution. 1960
tools first; humans later
Stuart Piggott. The Beginnings of Wheeled transport. 1968
5000 year old wagons
Lynn White Jr. Medieval Uses of Air. 1970
blast furnace, windmill, suction pump, glider, gas turbine, parachute
Otto Mayr. The Origins of Feedback Control. 1970
water clock, thermostat, windmill
S. S. Wilson. Bicycle Technology. 1973
ball bearing, pneumatic tyre, tubular construction
Eugene S. Ferguson. The Origins of the Steam Engine. 1964
Thomas Newcomen, water pumps
Harold I. Sharlin. From Faraday to the Dynamo. 1961
why it took 50 years
Asa Briggs. Technology and Economic Development. 1963
Lynwood Bryant. The Origin of the Automobile Engine. 1967
the "Silent Otto" of 1876
Lynwood Bryant. Rudolph Diesel and His Rational Engine. 1969
Matthew Josephson. The Invention of the Electric Light. 1959
Thomas Edison
George Shiers. The First Electron Tube. 1969
John Ambrose Fleming, 1904, thermionic vacuum diode
Walter Hossli. Steam Turbines. 1969
D. L. Slotnick. The Fastest Computer. 1971
ILLIAC IV, 64 processors, 100-200 MIPS
Herbert Scoville Jr. Missile Submarines and National Security. 1972
Herbert F. York. Multiple-Warhead Missiles. 1973
MIRV, Multiple Independently targeted Reentry Vehicle
Anne P. Carter. The Economics of Technological Change. 1966
John McCarthy. Information. 1966
computers enable technology to adapt to human diversity
William F. Hamilton II, Dana K. Nance. Systems Analysis of Urban Transportation. 1969
personal versus mass transit
John R. Pierce. Communication. 1972
M. King Hubbert. The Energy Resources of the Earth. 1971
solar, tides, geothermal, fission, fusion
Earl Cook. The Flow of Energy in an Idustrial Society. 1971
limited by disposal of waste heat
John F. Hogerton. The Arrical of Nuclear Power. 1968
Glenn T. Seaborg, Justin L. Bloom. Fast Breeder Reactors. 1970
nuclaer reactors that use fast neutrons to produce more fuel than they consume
William C. Gough, Bernard J. Eastlund. The Prospects of Fusion Power. 1971
very close to "break even"
S. Fred Singer. Human Energy Production as a Process in the Biosphere. 1970
using fossil and nuclear fuels accelerates slow cycles of nature
Stanley W. Angrist. Perpetual Motion Machines. 1968
400 years of inventions
Claude M. Summers. The Conversion of Energy. 1971
John R. Clark. Thermal Pollution and Aquatic Life. 1969
using river and lake water for industrial cooling
Riley D. Woodson. Cooling Towers. 1971
William P. Lowry. The Climate of Cities. 1967