Books : reviews

Peter H. Welch, Herman W. Roebbers, Jan F. Broenink, F. R. M. Barnes, Carl G. Ritson, Adam T. Sampson, G. S. Stiles, Brian Vinter.
Communicating Process Architectures 2009: WOTUG-32.
IOS Press. 2009

(read but not reviewed)

Susan Stepney, Peter H. Welch, Paul S. Andrews, Carl G. Ritson, eds.
CoSMoS 2011.
Luniver Press. 2011

(read but not reviewed)


Paul S. Andrews, Susan Stepney, Tim Hoverd, Fiona Polack, Adam T. Sampson, Jonathan Timmis. CoSMoS process, models and metamodels. 2011
Jose Evora, Enrique Kremers, Susana Morales Cuevo, Mario Hernandez, Jose Juan Hernandez, Pablo Viejo. Agent-based modelling of electrical load at household level. 2011
Chris H. McEwan, Hugues Bersini, David Klatzmann, Vernique Thomas-Vaslin, Adrien Six. A computational technique to scale mathematical models towards complex heterogeneous systems. 2011
Andrew Guest, James Bown, Andrew Sapeluk, Alan F. T. Winfield, Mark Shovman. Plotting a catchy tune: tracing sound meme evolution through visualisation. 2011
Alastair Droop, Philip Garnett, Fiona Polack, Susan Stepney. Multiple model simulation: modeling cell division and differentiation in the prostate. 2011
Fiona Polack, Alastair Droop, Philip Garnett, Teodor Ghetiu, Susan Stepney. Simulation validation: exploring the suitability of a simulation of cell division and differentiation in the prostate. 2011