Books : reviews

Michael Parker Pearson.
The Archaeology of Death and Burial.
Texas A&M University Press. 1999

Michael Parker Pearson.
Stonehenge: exploring the greatest Stone Age mystery.
Simon and Schuster. 2012

A striking and original interpretation of the awe-inspiring Stone Age site from one of the world’s foremost authorities on the archaeology of death and burial, this landmark book sets out the new theory about Stonehenge’s true significance: it was a monument to the ancestors, built as a symbol of political unification.

Through a combination of years of excavation, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated analysis, Parker Pearson’s team has retold the story of Stonehenge. This illuminating book will change forever the way we think about Britain’s most iconic, enigmatic and enduring prehistoric monument.

Michael Parker Pearson.
Bronze Age Britain: revised edn.
Batsford. 2005