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Books : reviews

Peter H. Welch, Susan Stepney, Fiona Polack, F. R. M. Barnes, Alistair A. McEwan, G. S. Stiles, Jan F. Broenink, Adam T. Sampson.
Communicating Process Architectures 2008: WOTUG-31.
IOS Press. 2008

(read but not reviewed)

Susan Stepney, Fiona Polack, Peter H. Welch, eds.
CoSMoS 2008.
Luniver Press. 2008

(read but not reviewed)


Ognen Paunovski, George Eleftherakis, Tony Cowling. Framework for empirical exploration of emergence using multi-agent simulation. 2008
Robert Alexander, Ruth Alexander-Bown, Tim Kelly. Engineering safety-critical complex systems. 2008
Philip Garnett, Susan Stepney, Ottoline Leyser. Towards an executable model of auxin transport canalisation. 2008
Paul S. Andrews, Fiona Polack, Adam T. Sampson, Jonathan Timmis, Lisa Scott, Mark Coles. Simulating biology: towards understanding what the simulation shows. 2008