Books : reviews

Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman, Mark Stone, eds.
Open Sources: voices from the open source revolution.
O'Reilly. 1999

(read but not reviewed)


Eric S. Raymond. A Brief History of Hackerdom. 1998
From the early days of the 1960s, up to the the appearance of Linux in the early 1990s
Eric S. Raymond. The Revenge of the Hackers. 1998
The success of the Open Source movement in the 1990s, and where it might go from here
Marshall Kirk McKusick. Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix: from AT&T-owned to freely redistributable. 1999
Scott Bradner. The Internet engineering task force. 1999
Richard Stallman. The GNU operating system and the Free Software movement. 1998
Michael Tiemann. Future of Cynus Solutions: an entrepreneur's account. 1999
Paul Vixie. Software Engineering. 1999
Linus Torvalds. The Linux edge. 1999
Robert Young. Giving it away: how Red Hat Software stumbled across a new economic model and helped improve an industry. 1999
Larry Wall. Diligence, patience, and humility. 1999
Brian Behlendorf. Open Source as a business strategy. 1999
Bruce Perens. The Open Source definition. 1998
Tim O'Reilly. Hardware, software, and infoware. 1999
Jim Hamerley, Tom Paquin, Susan Walton. Freeing the source: the story of Mozilla. 1998