Books : reviews

Dario Floreano, Jean-Daniel Nicoud, Francesco Mondada, eds.
Advances in Artificial Life, ECAL'99: 5th European Conference on Artificial Life, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Springer. 1999

(read but not reviewed)


Hans Meinhardt. From Fertilized Eggs to Complex Organisms: Models of Biological Pattern Formation. 1999
William D. Hamilton. Fables of Cyberspace: Tapeworms, Horses, and Mountains. 1999
Luc Steels. Cognitive Teleportation and Situated Embodiment. 1999
Tim Lenton. Testing Gaia Theory with Artificial Life. 1999
Edmund M. A. Ronald, Moshe Sipper, Mathieu S. Capcarrere. Testing for Emergence in Artificial Life. 1999
Paul Domjan. Are Romance Novels Really Alive? A Discussion of the Supple Adaptation View of Life. 1999
Richard A. Watson, Jordan B. Pollack. How Symbiosis Can Guide Evolution. 1999
Yuka Yamamoto, Takahiro Sasaki, Mario Tokoro. Adaptability of Darwinian and Lamarckian Populations Toward an Unknown New World. 1999
Tsutomu Oohashi, Tadao Maekawa, Osamu Ueno, Emi Nishina, Norie Kawai. Requirements for Immortal ALife to Exterminate Mortal ALife in One Finite, Heterogeneous Ecosystem. 1999
Gabriela Ochoa, Inman Harvey, Hilary Buxton. Error Thresholds and Their Relation to Optimal Mutation Rates. 1999
Seth Bullock. Are Artificial Mutation Biases Unnatural?. 1999
Stevan Jay Anastasoff. Evolving Mutation Rates for the Self-Optimisation of Genetic Algorithms. 1999
Sevan G. Ficici, Jordan B. Pollack. Statistical Reasoning Strategies in the Pursuit and Evasion Domain . 1999
Atsuko Mutoh, Satoru Oono, Kousuke Moriwaki, Tsuyoshi Nakamura, Nobuhiro Inuzuka, Hidenori Itoh. An Evolutionary Method Using Crossover in a Food Chain Simulation. 1999
Tim Taylor. On Self-Reproduction and Evolvability. 1999
Russell K. Standish. Some Techniques for the Measurement of Complexity in Tierra. 1999
Andreas Rechtsteiner, Mark A. Bedau. A Generic Neutral Model for Quantitative Comparison of Genotypic Evolutionary Activity. 1999
Henning Schwobbermeyer, Jan T. Kim. A Comparative Analysis of Biodiversity Measures. 1999
Charles Ofria, Christoph Adami, Travis C. Collier, Grace K. Hsu. Evolution of Differentiated Expression Patterns in Digital Organisms. 1999
Arno Rasek, Walter Doerwald, Michael Hauhs, Alois Kastner-Maresch. Species Formation in Evolving Finite State Machines. 1999
Michael O'Neill, Conor Ryan. Genetic Code Degeneracy: Implications for Grammatical Evolution and Beyond. 1999
Josh C. Bongard. Coevolutionary Dynamics of a Multi-population Genetic Programming System. 1999
Vesselin Vassilev, Julian F. Miller, Terence C. Fogarty. The Evolution of Computation in Co-evolving Demes of Non-uniform Cellular Automata for Global Synchronisation. 1999
Stefano Nolfi, Domenico Parisi. Exploiting the Power of Sensory-Motor Coordination. 1999
Dario Floreano, Joseba Urzelai. Evolution of Neural Controllers with Adaptive Synapses and Compact Genetic Encoding. 1999
Auke Jan Ijspeert. Synthetic Approaches to Neurobiology: Review and Case Study in the Control of Anguiliform Locomotion. 1999
Richard Walker, Orazio Miglino. Replicating Experiments in "Detour Behavior" with Artificially Evolved Robots: An A-Life Approach to Comparative Psychology. 1999
Rens Kortmann, John Hallam. Studying Animals through Artificial Evolution: The Cricket Case . 1999
Anil K. Seth. Evolving Behavioural Choice: An Investigation of Herrnstein's Matching Law. 1999
John Albert. Modeling of an Early Evolutionary Stage of the Cnidarian Nervous System and Behavior. 1999
Ranit Aharonov-Barki, Tuvik Beker, Eytan Ruppin. Spontaneous Evolution of Command Neurons, Place Cells and Memory Mechanisms in Autonomous Agents. 1999
Adam Rotaru-Varga. Modularity in Evolved Artificial Neural Networks. 1999
Maciej Komosinski, Szymon Ulatowski. Framsticks: Towards a Simulation of a Nature-Like World, Creatures and Evolution. 1999
Tony Belpaeme. Evolving Visual Feature Detectors. 1999
Seiji Yamada. Evolutionary Design of Mobile Robot Behaviors for Action-Based Environment Modeling. 1999
Jun Tani, Yuya Sugita. On the Dynamics of Robot Exploration Learning. 1999
Ian Kelly, Owen E. Holland, Martin Scull, David J. McFarland. Artificial Autonomy in the Natural World: Building a Robot Predator. 1999
Yasuhisa Hasegawa, Yoshikuni Ito, Toshio Fukuda. Behavior Adaptation on Behavior-Based Controller for Brachiation Robot. 1999
Andrew Adamatzky, Owen E. Holland, N. Rambidi, Alan F. T. Winfield. Wet Artificial Brains: Towards the Chemical Control of Robot Motion by Reaction-Diffusion and Excitable Media. 1999
Sorin Moga, Philippe Gaussier. A Neuronal Structure for Learning by Imitation. 1999
Mathias Quoy, Philippe Gaussier, Sacha Lepretre, Arnaud Revel. A Neural Model for the Visual Navigation and Planning of a Mobile Robot. 1999
J. A. Becerra, J. Santos, R. J. Duro. Progressive Construction of Compound Behavior Controllers for Autonomous Robots Using Temporal Information. 1999
Axel Loffler, Jurgen Klahold, Manfred Hussman, Ulrich Ruckert. A Visualization Tool for the Mini-Robot Khepera: Behavior Analysis and Optimization. 1999
Thomas Netter, Nicolas Franceschini. Towards UAV Nap-of-the-Earth Flight Using Optical Flow. 1999
Tom Quick, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Graham Roberts. On Bots and Bacteria: Ontology Independent Embodiment. 1999
Daniel Thalmann. Populating the Virtual Worlds with Interactive Perceptive Virtual Actors. 1999
Soraia Raupp Musse,, Marcelo Kallmann, Daniel Thalmann. Level of Autonomy for Virtual Human Agents. 1999
Aapo Hyvarinen, Timo Honkela. Emotional Disorders in Autonomous Agents?. 1999
Mark Witkowski. Integrating Unsupervised Learning, Motivation and Action Selection in an A-Life Agent. 1999
George G. Szpiro. Can Computers Have Sentiments? The Case of Risk Aversion and Utility for Wealth. 1999
Daniel Mange. Towards Robust Bio-inspired Circuits: The Embryonics Approach. 1999
Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo, Alvaro Moreno, Federico Moran, J. J. Merelo. Designing a Simulation Model of a Self-Maintaining Cellular System. 1999
Hugues Bersini. Design Patterns for an Object-Oriented Computational Chemistry. 1999
Naoaki Ono, Takashi Ikegami. Model of Self-Replicating Cell Capable of Self-Maintenance. 1999
Oliver Sharpe. Evolution at the Origins of Life: Modelling Simple Persistent Replication Objects. 1999
Hideaki Suzuki. A Simulation of Life Using a Dynamic Core Memory Partitioned by Membrane Data. 1999
Claus O. Wilke, Christopher Ronnewinkel, Thomas Martinetz. Molecular Evolution in Time-Dependent Environments. 1999
Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Paulien Hogeweg. Evolution to Complexity: Replication, Elongation and Assembly in an RNA World. 1999
Kouji Harada, Takashi Ikegami. Evolution of Multispecificity in an Immune Network. 1999
Andrew Adamatzky, Owen E. Holland, Chris R. Melhuish. Laziness + Sensitivity + Mobility = Structure: Emergence of Patterns in Lattice Swarms. 1999
Cesar Ortega, Andy M. Tyrrell. Self-Repairing Multicellular Hardware: A Reliability Analysis. 1999
Enrico Petraglio, Jean-Marc Henry, Gianluca Tempesti. Arithmetic Operations on Self-Replicating Cellular Automata. 1999
Torsten Reil. Dynamics of Gene Expression in an Artificial Genome -- Implications for Biological and Artificial Ontogeny. 1999
Shugo Hamahashi, Hiroaki Kitano. Parameter Optimization in Hierarchical Structures. 1999
Koji Kyoda, Hiroaki Kitano. A Model of Axis Determination for the Drosophila Wing Disc. 1999
Mineo Morohashi, Hiroaki Kitano. Identifying Gene Regulatory Networks from Time Series Expression Data by in silico Sampling and Screening. 1999
Massimiliano Ugolini, Domenico Parisi. Simulating the Evolution of Artifacts. 1999
Martijn Brinkers, Paul den Dulk. The Evolution of Non-reciprocal Altruism. 1999
Ezequiel A. Di Paolo. A Little More than Kind and Less than Kin: The Unwarranted Use of Kin Selection in Spatial Models of Communication. 1999
Jason Noble, Elio Tuci, Peter M. Todd. An Evolutionary Simulation Model of Social Learning about Food by Norway Rats. 1999
Charlotte K. Hemelrijk. Effects of Cohesiveness on Inter-Sexual Dominance Relationships and Spatial Structure among Group-Living Virtual Entities. 1999
Seth Bullock, Jennifer Nerissa Davis, Peter M. Todd. Simplicity Rules the Roost: Exploring Birdbrain Parental Investment Heuristics. 1999
Takashi Ikegami, Makoto Taiji. Imitation and Cooperation in Coupled Dynamical Recognizers. 1999
Takashi Ishida, Hiroshi Yokoi, Yukinori Kakazu. Emergence of Adaptive Society with Competitive Selfish Agents. 1999
Eizo Akiyama, Kunihiko Kaneko. Dynamical Systems Game (The Lumberjacks' Dilemma Model). 1999
Yoshiki Yamaguchi, Tsutomu Maruyama, Tsutomu Hoshino. High Speed Hardware Computation of Co-evolution Models. 1999
Alcherio Martinoli, Auke Jan Ijspeert, Luca Maria Gambardella. A Probabilistic Model for Understanding and Comparing Collective Aggregation Mechanisms. 1999
Chris R. Melhuish. Exploiting Domain Physics: Using Stigmergy to Control Cluster Building with Real Robots. 1999
Aude Billard, Auke Jan Ijspeert, Alcherio Martinoli. Exploration of a Dynamic Environment by a Group of Communicating Robots. 1999
Jordi Delgado, Ricard V. Sole. Task Fulfilment and Temporal Patterns of Activity in Artificial Ant Colonies. 1999
Ann Nowe, Katja Verbeeck. Formalizing the Ant Algorithms in Terms of Reinforcement Learning. 1999
A. E. Langham, P. W. Grant. Using Competing Ant Colonies to Solve k-way Partitioning Problems with Foraging and Raiding Strategies. 1999
N. Monmarche, M. Slimane, Gilles Venturini. On Improving Clustering in Numerical Databases with Artificial Ants. 1999
Hidenori Kawamura, Masahito Yamamoto, Keiji Suzuki, Azuma Ohuchi. Ants War with Evolutive Pheromone Style Communication. 1999
Jason Noble. Sexual Signalling in an Artificial Population: When Does the Handicap Principle Work?. 1999
Angelo Cangelosi. Modeling the Evolution of Communication: From Stimulus Associations to Grounded Symbolic Associations. 1999
Bart de Boer, Paul Vogt. Emergence of Speech Sounds in Changing Populations. 1999
Ahmed-Reda Berrah, Rafael Laboissiere. SPECIES: An Evolutionary Model for the Emergence of Phonetic Structures in an Artificial Society of Speech Agents. 1999
Luc Steels, Frederic Kaplan. Collective Learning and Semiotic Dynamics. 1999
Edwin D. de Jong. Analyzing the Evolution of Communication from a Dynamical System's Perspective. 1999
Simon Kirby. Syntax out of Learning: The Cultural Evolution of Structured Communication in a Population of Induction Algorithms. 1999
Daniel Livingstone, Colin Fyfe. Modelling the Evolution of Linguistic Diversity. 1999
Tracy Teal, Daniel Albro, Edward Stabler, Charles E. Taylor. Compression and Adaptation. 1999
Christopher Dircks, Scott C. Stoness. Effective Lexicon Change in the Absence of Population Flux. 1999
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer. Self-Organization of a Lexicon in a Structured Society of Agents. 1999
Takashi Hashimoto. Modeling Categorization Dynamics through Conversation by Constructive Approach. 1999