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Books : reviews

Sam Moskowitz, ed.
The Coming of the Robots.


F. Orlin Tremaine. True Confession.
Clifford D. Simak. Earth for Inspiration. 1941
Isaac Asimov. Runaround. 1942
Lester del Rey. Helen O'Loy. 1938
John Wyndham. The Lost Machine. 1932
Eando Binder. I, Robot.
Peter Phillips. Lost Memory.
Harl Vincent. Rex.
Michael Fischer. Misfit.
Raymond Z. Gallun. Derelict. 1935

Sam Moskowitz, ed.
Doorway into Time.


L. Sprague de Camp. The Command. 1938
Isaac Asimov. Liar!. 1941
Arthur C. Clarke. Before Eden. 1961
C. L. Moore. Doorway Into Time. 1943
Murray Leinster. A Logic Named Joe. 1946
Jack Williamson. With Folded Hands. 1947

Sam Moskowitz, ed.
Exploring Other Worlds.


Man of the Stars. 1941
Fredric Brown. Something Green. 1951
Ross Rocklynne. At the Center of Gravity. 1936
Eando Binder. Via Asteroid. 1937
R. F. Starzl. The Radiant Enemies. 1934
Edmond Hamilton. The Dead Planet. 1946
Stanley G. Weinbaum. The Mad Moon. 1935
Grant Calthorpe is regretting being a fevre leaf harvester on Io: the heat, the white fever, the unreliable loonies, and the intelligent rat-like slinkers make life unbearable. Then one of his blancha hallucinations turns out to be Lee Neilan for real, the slinkers attack them, and they have to flee to The Idiots' Hills, where they discover something about the loonies' past.
Poul Anderson. Garden in the Void. 1952

Sam Moskowitz, ed.
The Microcosmic God.


Philip Jose Farmer. Mother. 1953
Clifford D. Simak. Huddling Place. 1944
Theodore Sturgeon. Microcosmic God. 1941
John W. Campbell Jr. Night. 1935
A. E. van Vogt. The Enchanted Village. 1950
Ray Bradbury. Wake For the Living. 1947
John Wyndham. Adaptation. 1949

Sam Moskowitz, ed.
A Sense of Wonder.


Jack Williamson. The Moon Era. 1931
John Wyndham. Exiles on Asperus. 1933
Murray Leinster. The Mole Pirate. 1934