Books : reviews

Robert P. Mills, ed.
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction 9.


Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon. 1959
Kem Bennett. A Different Purpose.
Ron Goulart. Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge: A Memoir.
Robert A. Heinlein. '--- All You Zombies ---'. 1959
The best time travel short story, ever
Richard McKenna. Casey Agonistes. 1958
William Tenn. Eastward Ho!. 1958
Lee Sutton. Soul Mate.
Damon Knight. What Rough Beast?.
Walter S. Tevis. Far from Home.
George P. Elliot. Invasion of the Planet of Love.
Avram Davidson. Dagon.
Poul Anderson. Pact. 1951
Joel Townsley Rogers. No Matter Where You Go.
Jane Rice. The Willow Tree.
Theodore Sturgeon. The Man Who Lost the Sea. 1959
Alfred Bester. The Pi Man. 1959
Gary Jennings. A Murkle for Jesse.
Robert Rohrer. Keep Them Happy.
Ron Goulart. Rake.
Fritz Leiber. Four Ghosts in Hamlet.
Roderic C. Hodgins. The History of Doctor Frost.
Zenna Henderson. No Different Flesh.