Books : reviews

Peter J. Denning, Robert M. Metcalfe, eds.
Beyond Calculation: the next fifty years of computing.
Copernicus. 1997

The contributions are collected in three Parts: • The Coming Revolution • Computers And Human Identity • Business And Innovation


Gordon Bell, Jim Gray. The Revolution Yet to Happen. 1997
Vinton G. Cerf. When They're Everywhere. 1997
Bob Frankston. Beyond Limits. 1997
Edsger W. Dijkstra. The Tide Not the Waves. 1997
Richard W. Hamming. How to Think About Trends. 1997
Mark Weiser, John Seely Brown. The Coming Age of Calm Technology. 1997
Sherry Turkle. Growing Up in the Culture of Simulation. 1997
Donald A. Norman. Why it's Good that Computers Don't Work Like the Brain. 1997
David Gelernter. The Logic of Dreams. 1997
Franz Alt. End-Running Human Intelligence. 1997
Paul Abrahams. A World Without Work. 1997
Terry Winograd. The Design of Interaction. 1997
Bob Evans. The Stumbling Titan. 1997
Fernando Flores. The Leaders of The Future. 1997
Larry Druffel. Information Warfare. 1997
Abbe Mowshowitz. Virtual Feudalism. 1997
Donald D. Chamberlin. Sharing Our Planet. 1997
William J. Mitchell, Oliver Strimpel. There and Not There. 1997
Dennis Tsichritzis. The Dynamics of Innovation. 1997
Peter J. Denning. How We Will Learn. 1997