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Paul Meakin.
Fractals, Scaling and Growth Far From Equilibrium.
CUP. 1998

This book describes the progress that has been made towards the development of a comprehensive understanding of the formation of complex, disorderly patterns under far-from-equilibrium conditions.

The application of fractal geometry and scaling concepts to the quantitative description and understanding of structure formed under non-equilibrium conditions is described. Self-similar fractals, multifractals and scaling methods are discussed, with examples, to facilitate applications in the physical sciences. Computer simulations and experimental studies are emphasised, but the author also includes a discussion of theoretical advances in the subject. Much of the book deals with diffusion-limited growth processes and the evolution of rough surfaces, although a broad range of other applications is discussed. The book concludes with an extensive reference list and guide to additional sources of information.

This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering and the earth sciences, and especially those interested in applying the ideas of fractals and scaling to their work or those who have an interest in non-equilibrium phenomena.