Books : reviews

David H. Levy.
Shoemaker by Levy: the man who made an impact.
Princeton University Press. 2000

Biography of Eugene Shoemaker, propounder of the "impact theory" of craters, and co-discoverer of Shoemaker-Levey 9, the Jupiter impacting comet of 1994

David H. Levy.
Clyde Tombaugh: discoverer of the planet Pluto.
Sky Publishing. 2006

In early 1930, after spending countless nights in a cold dome carefully photographing minuscule portions of the sky, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. Today, as astronomers detect large new worlds at the edge of our solar system and a spacecraft embarks on its long journey to explore Pluto itself, we’re finally beginning to sense the true significance of Tombaugh’s find.

Clyde Tombaugh is one of the best-known astronomers — amateur or professional — of the last century. Although famous for his discovery of Pluto, Tombaugh left his mark on many areas of astronomical discovery, from comets to variable stars to superclusters of galaxies. David Levy’s biography of this planet hunter includes aspects of Tombaugh’s life that may surprise readers who know him only for finding the ninth planet. Based on interviews with Tombaugh and his colleagues, friends, and family, this book also draws on the scientific record to offer a thorough account of the life of one of astronomy’s most important figures.