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Brent Laster.
Professional Git.
Wiley. 2017

Streamline the development cycle with the power of Git

Professional Git offers an accessible approach to becoming skilled using this popular software development tool and provides an up-to-date guide for new and seasoned users. It contains an extensive discussion of corollaries to traditional systems and considerations unique to Git that help draw upon existing skills while identifying and planning for the differences. The wealth of examples and illustrations are designed to reinforce key concepts and enhance user understanding. This book focuses on the practical and goes beyond technical tutorials to help integrate the Git model into real-world workflows. This is your resource for getting up to speed quickly.

Professional Git:
• Offers a clear understanding of the basic Git model and overall workflow process
• Includes the Git versions of common source management concepts and commands
• Demonstrates how to track changes, work with branches, and take advantage of Git’s full functionality
• Contains real-world examples in order to gain proficiency and better internalize concepts
• Presents simple, clear illustrations that help visualize key ideas and workflows
• Highlights less-regularly used features of Git to gain extra value
• Reveals how to avoid errors and missteps common to new users