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Robert A. Heinlein, Yoji Kondo, eds.
Tor. 1992

rating : 3.5 : worth reading
review : 28 May 2000

Robert Anson Heinlein died in 1988. Those of us who grew up profoundly influenced by his work were greatly saddened by the news. This memorial volume brings together some of his famous moonflight stories, some previously unpublished works, some speeches, and many glowing testimonials from other SF luminaries. Most of the best has already appeared elsewhere, but this volume stands as a fitting tribute to arguably the most influential SF writer of all time.


Robert A. Heinlein. Requiem. 1940
Delos D Harriman, "The Man Who Sold the Moon", has never been there himself, now because of ill health and old age. But what's the point of being a multi-millionaire if you can't satisfy your heart's desire?
Spider Robinson. Rah Rah R.A.H.!. 1980
Robert A. Heinlein. This I Believe. 1989
RAH's tribute to humanity
Robert A. Heinlein. A Tenderfoot on Space. 1958
Boy Scouts on Venus
Robert A. Heinlein. Destination Moon. 1950
The novelette of the film
Robert A. Heinlein. Shooting 'Destination Moon'. 1950
Anecdotes about making George Pal's 1950 SF film, which won an Oscar for its realistic special effects. Heinlein wrote much of the screenplay, and was technical advisor. (Many members of NASA and the space programme have testified they chose their careers because of the inspiration of this film, and of Heinlein's stories.)
Robert A. Heinlein. The Witch's Daughters. 1988
A short poem [written August 1946]
Robert A. Heinlein. The Bulletin Board. 1950
Maureen and her boyfriend Cliff throw a surprise birthday party
Robert A. Heinlein. Poor Daddy. 1950
Maureen and her family learn to ice-skate
Robert A. Heinlein. Guest of Honor Speech at the Third World Science Fiction Convention - Denver, 1941. 1992
Robert A. Heinlein. Guest of Honor Speech at the XIXth World Science Fiction Convention - Seattle, 1961. 1992
Robert A. Heinlein. Guest of Honor Speech - Rio de Janeiro Movie Festival, 1969. 1992
Robert A. Heinlein. Guest of Honor Speech at the XXXIVth World Science Fiction Convention - Kansas City, 1976. 1992
Yoji Kondo. National Air and Space Museum Heinlein Retrospective - 6 October 1988. 1992
Poul Anderson. RAH: A Memoir. 1992
Jim Baen. Jim Baen's RAH Story. 1992
Greg Bear. Remembering Robert Heinlein. 1992
J. Hartley Bowen Jr. Recalling Robert Anson Heinlein. 1992
Arthur C. Clarke. Robert Heinlein. 1992
Gordon R. Dickson. Robert Heinlein. 1992
Joe Haldeman. Robert A. Heinlein and Us. 1992
Larry Niven. The Return of William Proxmire. 1992
Spider Robinson. Robert. 1992
Robert Silverberg. Heinlein. 1992
Harry Turtledove. Thank You. 1992
Jack Williamson. Who Was Robert Heinlein?. 1992
Yoji Kondo, Charles Sheffield. Farewell to the Master. 1992