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Books : reviews

Noretta Koertge, ed.
A House Built on Sand: exposing postmodernist myths about science.
OUP. 1998

The parts are: The Strange World of Postmodernist Science Studies; Myths, Metaphors, and Misreadings; Interests, Ideology, and the Construction of Experiments; Art, Nature, and the Rise of Experimental Method; Civilian Casualties of Postmodern Perspectives on Science.


Scrutinising Science Studies. 1998
Alan D. Sokal. What the Social Text Affair Does and Does Not Prove. 1998
Paul A. Boghossian. What the Sokal Hoax Ought to Teach Us. 1998
Philip Kitcher. A Plea for Science Studies. 1998
Paul R. Gross. Bashful Eggs, Macho Sperm, and Tonypandy. 1998
Philip A. Sullivan. An Engineer Dissects Two Case Studies: Hayles on Fluid Mechanics, and MacKenzie on Statistics. 1998
Paul R. Gross. Evidence-Free Forensics and Enemies of Objectivity. 1998
Michael Ruse. Is Darwinism Sexist? (And if It Is, So What?). 1998
William J. McKinney. When Experiments Fail: Is "Cold Fusion" Science as Normal?. 1998
Allan Franklin. Avoiding the Experimenters' Regress. 1998
Allan Franklin. Do Mutants Die of Natural Causes? The Case of Atomic Parity Violation. 1998
John Huth. Latour's Relativity. 1998
Alan Soble. In Defense of Bacon. 1998
William R. Newman. Alchemy, Domination, and Gender. 1998
Cassandra L. Pinnick. What's Wrong with the Strong Programme's Case Study of the "Hobbes-Boyle" Dispute?. 1998
Margaret C. Jacob. Reflections on Bruno Latour's Version of the Seventeenth Century. 1998
Postmodernisms and the Problem of Scientific Literacy. 1998
Norman Levitt. The End of Science, the Central Dogma of Science Studies, Monsieur Jourdain, and Uncle Vanya. 1998
Meera Nanda. The Epistemic Charity of the Social Constructivist Critics of Science and Why the Third World Should Refuse the Offer. 1998