Short works

Books : reviews

Maxim Jakubowski, ed.
Twenty Houses of the Zodiac.


Shin'ichi Hoshi. Love Keys. 1958
Daniel Walther. Ice Two. 1979
Robert Sheckley. I Can Teleport Myself to Anywhere. 1979
Phillippe Curval. Heavier Than Sleep. 1979
Cherry Wilder. Dealers in Light and Darkness. 1979
Hugo Raes. A Sunrise. 1963
Adam Barnett-Foster. An Avacado Pear for Dolores. 1979
John Sladek. The Brass Monkey. 1979
Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky. The Gigantic Fluctuation. 1973
Brian W. Aldiss. Oh, for a Closer Brush with God. 1979
Ion Hobana. A Kind of Space. 1974
J. G. Ballard. Zodiac 2000. 1978
Gerd Maximovic. A Hole in Time. 1979
Idiosyncracies. 1979
Teresa Ingles. The Alabaster Garden. 1977
Sam J. Lundwall. Take Me Down the River. 1979
Michael Moorcock. Crossing Into Cambodia. 1979
Bob Shaw. The Cottage of Eternity. 1979
Elisabeth Vonarburg. High Tide. 1978
Stanislaw Lem. The White Death. 1972