Books : reviews

Alfred Inselberg.
Parallel Coordinates: visual multi-dimensional geometry and its applications.
Springer. 2009

(read but not reviewed)

This book is about visualization, systematically incorporating our fantastic pattern-recognition into the problem-solving process, and focusing on Parallel Coordinates. The barrier, imposed by our three-dimensional habitation and perceptual experience, has been breached by this innovative and versatile methodology. The accurate visualization of multidimensional problems and multivariate data unlocks insights into the role of dimensionality.

Beginning with an introductory chapter on geometry, the mathematical foundations are intuitively developed, interlaced with applications to data mining, information visualization, computer vision, geometric modeling, collision avoidance for air traffic and process-control. Many results appear for the first time. Multidimensional lines, planes, proximities, surfaces and their properties are unambiguously recognized (i.e. convexity viewed in any dimension) enabling powerful construction algorithms (for intersections, interior-points, linear-programming).