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Vincent Massol, Ted Husted.
JUnit in Action.
Manning. 2004

Developers in the know are switching to a new testing strategy—unit testing—in which coding is interleaved with testing. This powerful approach results in better-designed software with fewer defects and faster delivery cycles. Unit testing is reputed to give developers a kind of “high”—whenever they take a new programming step, their confidence is boosted by the knowledge that every previous step has been confirmed to be correct.

JUnit in Action will get you coding the new way in a hurry. As inevitable errors are continually introduced into your code, you’ll want to spot them as quickly as they arise. You can do this using unit tests, and using them often. Rich in real-life examples, this book is a discussion of practical testing techniques by a recognized expert. It shows you how to write automated tests, the advantages of testing a code segment in isolation from the rest of your code, and how to decide when an integration test is needed. It provides a valuable—and unique—discussion of how to test complete J2EE applications.

What’s Inside

  • Testing in isolation with mock objects
  • In-container testing with Cactus
  • Automated builds with Ant and Maven
  • Testing from within Eclipse
  • Unit testing • Java apps • Filters • Sendets • EJB • JSP • DB apps • Taglibs