Books : reviews

Rolf Herken, ed.
The Universal Turing Machine: a half-century survey.
OUP. 1988


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Michael A. Arbib. From Universal Turing Machines to self-reproduction. 1988
Michael J. Beeson. Computerizing mathematics: logic and computation. 1988
Charles H. Bennett. Logical depth and physical complexity. 1988
Allen H. Brady. The Busy Beaver game and the meaning of Life. 1988
Gregory J. Chaitin. An algebraic equation for the halting probability. 1988
Michael Conrad. The price of programmability. 1988
Elias Dahlhaus, Johann A. Makowsky. Gandy's principles for mechanisms as a model of parallel computation. 1988
Martin Davis. Influences of mathematical logic on computer science. 1988
Jens Erik Fenstad. Language and computations. 1988
David Finkelstein. Finite physics. 1988
Oded Goldreich. Randomnes, interactive proofs, and zero-knowledge -- a survey. 1988
Yuri Gurevich. Algorithms in the world of bounded resources. 1988
Brosl Hasslacher. Beyond the Turing Machine. 1988
Moshe Koppel. Structure. 1988
Johann A. Makowsky. Mental images and the architecture of concepts. 1988
Donald Michie. The Fifth Generation's unbridged gap. 1988
Roger Penrose. On the physics and mathematics of thought. 1988
Robert Rosen. Effective processes and natural law. 1988
Helmut Schnelle. Turing naturalized: von Neumann's unfinished project. 1988
Uwe Schoning. Complexity theory and interactions. 1988
John C. Shepherdson. Mechanisms for computing over arbitrary structures. 1988
Boris A. Trakhtenbrot. Comparing the Church and Turing approaches: two prophetical messages. 1988
Oswald Wiener. Form and content in thinking Turing Machines. 1988