Books : reviews

Nina Hall, ed.
The New Scientist Guide to Chaos.
Penguin. 1992


Ian Percival. Chaos: a science for the real world. 1992
David J. Tritton. Chaos in the swing of a pendulum. 1992
Franco Vivaldi. An experiment with mathematics. 1992
Ian Stewart. Portraits of chaos. 1992
Tom Mullin. Turbulent times for fluids. 1992
Tim Palmer. A weather eye on unpredictability. 1992
Robert M. May. The chaotic rhythms of life. 1992
Carl Murray. Is the solar system stable?. 1992
Stephen K. Scott. Clocks and chaos in chemistry. 1992
Benoit B. Mandelbrot. Fractals -- a geometry of nature. 1992
Caroline Series. Fractals, reflections and distortions. 1992
Allan McRobie, J. Michael T. Thompson. Chaos, catastrophes and engineering. 1992
Jim Lesurf. Chaos on the circuit board. 1992
Robert Savit. Chaos on the trading floor. 1992
Michael Berry. Quantum physics on the edge of chaos. 1992
Gregory J. Chaitin. A random walk in arithmetic. 1992
Peter Coveney. Chaos, entropy and the arrow of time. 1992
Paul C. W. Davies. Is the universe a machine?. 1992