Short works

Books : reviews

Nicholas Humphrey.
The Inner Eye.
Faber and Faber. 1986

Nicholas Humphrey.
Soul Searching: human nature and supernatural belief.
Chatto and Windus. 1995

Nicholas Humphrey, ed.
The Mind Made Flesh: essays from the frontiers of psychology and evolution.
OUP. 2002


On taking another look. 1995
One Self: a meditation on the unity of consciousness. 2000
What is your substance, whereof are you made?. 1982
Nicholas Humphrey, Daniel C. Dennett. Speaking for Our Selves: an assessment of multiple personality disorder. 1989
Examining multiple personality disorder in terms of Dennett's ideas of consciousness. It doesn't sound implausible, but there seems to be far too little data on the phenomenon for much rigorous theorising -- and, as the authors point out, the phenomenon is not really amenable to ethical experimenting.
Love knots. 1987
Varieties of Altruism---and the common ground between them. 1997
The Uses of consciousness. 1987
Farewell, thou art too dear for my possessing. 1982
How to solve the mind-body problem. 2000
The Privatization of sensation. 1999
Mind in Nature. 1986
Cave art, autism, and the evolution of the human mind. 1998
Scientific Shakespeare. 1987
The Deformed transformed. 1979
Tall stories from little acorns grow. 1987
Behold the Man: human nature and supernatural belief. 1995
Hello, Aquarius!. 1986
Bugs and beasts before the law. 1986
Great Expectations: the evolutionary psychology of faith healing and the placebo effect. 2000
What shall we tell the children?. 1997
The Number of the Beast. 1989
Arms and the Man. 1987
Death in Tripoli. 1987
Follow my leader. 2001