Short works

Books : reviews

Jonathan P. Bowen, J. Anthony Hall, eds.
8th Z User Workshop: Cambridge 1994.
Springer. 1994

(read but not reviewed)


Robert Worden. Fermenting and Distilling. 1994
Jim Woodcock, Paul H. B. Gardiner, J.R. Hulance. The Formal Specification in Z of Defence Standard 00-56. 1994
Peter Mataga, Pamela Zave. Formal Specification of Telephone Features. 1994
David Carrington, Phil Stocks. A Tale of Two Paradigms: Formal Methods and Software Testing. 1994
David Garlan. Integrating Formal Methods into a Professional Master of Software Engineering Program. 1994
Graeme Smith. An Object-Oriented Development Framework for Z. 1994
Clazien Wezeman, Tony J. Judge. Z for Managed Objects. 1994
J. Anthony Hall. Specifying and Interpreting Class Hierarchies in Z. 1994
Jonathan P. Bowen, Mike J. C. Gordon. Z and HOL. 1994
Peter Baumann. Z and Natural Semantics. 1994
Peter T. Breuer, Jonathan P. Bowen. Towards Correct Executable Semantics for Z. 1994
Jon G. Hall, John A. McDermid. Towards a Z Method: Axiomatic Specifications in Z. 1994
Fiona Polack, Keith C. Mander. Software Quality Assurance Using the SAZ Method. 1994
Antoni Diller, Rosemary Docherty. Z and Abstract Machine Notation: A Comparison. 1994
Leslie Lamport. TLZ (abstract). 1994
Andy S. Evans. Visualising Concurrent Z Specifications. 1994
Marcin Engel. Specifying Real-Time Systems with Z and the Duration Calculus. 1994
Daniel K. C. Chan, Philip W. Trinder. An Object-Oriented Data Model Supporting Multi-Methods, Multiple Inheritance, and Static Type Checking: A Specification in Z. 1994
Jonathan Hammond. Producing Z Specifications from Object-Oriented Analysis. 1994
W. Hasselbring. Animation of Object-Z Specifications with a Set-Oriented Prototyping Language. 1994