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Guy Haley.
Sci-Fi Chronicles: a visual history of the galaxy's greatest science fiction.
Aurum Press. 2014

What links Battlestar Galactica to Buck Rogers ¬Ľn the 25th Century? Which superstar director had a hand in *batteries not included? Who was Pierre Boulle and how did he spawn one of Hollywood’s greatest franchises? All the answers, and more. are revealed in Sic-Fi Chronicles.

From Frankenstein to Avatar, this comprehensive guide to science fiction combines expert commentary, stunning archive imagery, and colour-coded infographic timelines to explore the complex real-world (and in-world) development of over two hundred essential sci-fi characters, creators, series and mythologies.

Seminal, genre-defining sagas, like Star Wars and Dune, are accompanied by fascinating chronologies of their fictional universes. And landmark franchises — such as Doctor Who and Star Trek — are illustrated with lavish photo-spreads, revealing their myriad expressions across books, cinema, television, comics and beyond.

International in scope and encyclopedic in scale, Sic-Fi Chronicles is an essential work for any true science fiction fan.