Books : reviews

George Hay, ed.
Pulsar 1.


David Langford. The Still Small Voice Inside. 1978
John Taylor. Infectious Science. 1978
Michael G. Coney. In Search of Professor Greatrex. 1978
A. E. van Vogt. Death Talk. 1978
Stan Gooch. Once More, With Feeling. 1978
Christopher Evans. The Time Travellers. 1978
Josephine Saxton. Woe, Blight, and in Heaven, Laughs: a Grim Household Tale. 1978
Ian Watson. Immune Dreams. 1978
H. G. Wells. Foretelling the Future.
Angela Carter. The World as Text: the Post-Literate World as Meta-narrative. 1978
Bob Shaw. Small World. 1978
Chris Boyce. The Skytank Portfolio. 1978

George Hay, ed.
Pulsar 2.


Robert P. Holdstock. High Pressure. 1979
Garry Kilworth. A Warrior Falls. 1979
Robin Douglas. On the Mud-Flats of Rhuma. 1979
Alan Dean Foster. What Do the Simple Folk Do...?. 1979
Christopher Evans. The Human Operator. 1979
Perry A. Chapdelaine. The Return of Prince John Israel Mcwayizeni Shake. 1979
Robert M. H. Carter. Rotating Frame-Up. 1979
E. C. Tubb. The Knife. 1979
Richard Weholt. The Mushroom Cloud. 1979