Books : reviews

Sian Griffiths, ed.
Predictions: 30 great minds on the future.
OUP. 1999


Jonathan Weiner. Introduction to Predictions. 1999
Chinua Achebe. The Colour Line. 1999
French Anderson. Gene Therapies. 1999
Noam Chomsky. Language Design. 1999
Arthur C. Clarke. 2099 . . . The Beginning of History. 1999
Paul C. W. Davies. Three 'Origin' Mysteries. 1999
Richard Dawkins. A Riddle I Long to Answer . . .. 1999
Daniel C. Dennett. Protecting Public Health. 1999
Carl Djerassi. The Century of A. R. T.. 1999
Andrea Dworkin. A New Jerusalem for Women. 1999
Umberto Eco. Never Fall in Love with Your Own Airship. 1999
Francis Fukuyama. The Politics of Women. 1999
J. K. Galbraith. Penalise the Bankers, Not the Workers. 1999
Daniel Goleman. Winning the Battle for the Human Heart. 1999
Stephen Jay Gould. Unpredictable Patterns. 1999
Susan Greenfield. George Orwell's 1984 . . . in 2084. 1999
Lynn Margulis. Proof Positive for Wet Mergers in the Eternal Takeover. 1999
Donald A. Norman. Cognitive Prostheses. 1999
Paul Nurse. Complex Cancers, Simple Cells. 1999
Steven Pinker. Increasing Consilience. 1999
Sherwood Rowland. Sequestration. 1999
Amartya Sen. Things to Come. 1999
Elaine Showalter. Optimism v. Pessimism. 1999
Peter Singer. A New Ethics. 1999
Dale Spender. A Basic Human Right. 1999
Chris Stringer. Fossils for the Future. 1999
Sherry Turkle. Toys to Change Our Minds. 1999
Kevin Warwick. Mind Machines. 1999
James D. Watson. Re-Directing the Course of Human Evolution. 1999
Steven Weinberg. A Theory of Everything. 1999
Slavoj Zizek. Closing the Gap. 1999