Short works

Books : reviews

Ken Goldberg, ed.
The Robot in the Garden: telerobotics and telepistemology in the age of the Internet.
MIT Press. 2000

The papers are collected in four Parts: • Philosophy • Art, History, and Critical Theory • Engineering, Interface, and System Design • Postscript


Introduction: The Unique Phenomenon of a Distance. 2000
Thomas J. Campanella. Eden by Wire: Webcameras and the Telepresent Landscape. 2000
Hubert L. Dreyfus. Telepistemology: Descartes's Last Stand. 2000
Catherine Wilson. Vicariousness and Authenticity. 2000
Albert Borgmann. Information, Nearness, and Farness. 2000
Jeff Malpas. Acting at a Distance and Knowing from Afar: Agency and Knowledge on the Internet. 2000
Alvin I. Goldman. Telerobotic Knowledge: a Reliabilist Approach. 2000
Martin Jay. The Speed of Light and the Virtualization of Reality,. 2000
Lev Manovich. To Lie and to Act: Potemkin's Villages, Cinema, and Telepresence. 2000
Eduardo Kac. Dialogical Telepresence and Net Ecology. 2000
Machiko Kusahara. Presence, Absence, and Knowledge in Telerobotic Art. 2000
Marina Grzinic. Exposure Time, the Aura, and Telerobotics. 2000
Oliver Grau. The History of Telepresence: Automata, Illusion, and the Rejection of the Body. 2000
Blake Hannaford. Feeling is Believing: a History of Telerobotics. 2000
John Canny, Eric Paulos. Tele-Embodiment and Shattered Presence: Reconstructing the Body for Online Interaction. 2000
Judith Donath. Being Real: Questions of Tele-Identity. 2000
Michael Idinopulos. Telepistemology, Mediation, and the Design of Transparent Interfaces. 2000
Maurice Merleau-Ponty. The Film and the New Psychology (1945). 2000