Short works

Books : reviews

Horace D. Gilbert, ed.
Reinhold. 1961


Miniaturization as a concept. 1961
James R. Nall. Miniaturization for military equipment. 1961
Alexander Boecker. Miniaturization of aircraft electronic equipment. 1961
Olin B. King. Miniaturization in missiles and satellites. 1961
John T. Farrar, Lawrence Horowitz. Miniaturization in medicine. 1961
George F. Senn, Rudolph C. Riechs. Miniaturization in communication equipment. 1961
Jack J. Staller, Arthur H. Wolfson. Miniaturization in computers. 1961
David A. Findlay. Miniaturization of consumer products. 1961
Charles A. Parker. Facilities planning. 1961
Raymond H. Carter. Problems in design. 1961
Elise Harmon, Bernard C. McDermott. Problems in manufacturing of microelectronics. 1961
David Bernard Ehrenpreis. Problems in reliability and dynamic environment. 1961
Leon Schwartz. Problems in maintenance. 1961
Whitney Matthews. Miniaturization for space travel. 1961
Melvin Mandell. Miniaturization---a new business. 1961
Richard P. Feynman. There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom. 1960