Short works

Books : reviews

Graham Farmelo, ed.
It Must Be Beautiful: great equations of modern science.
Granta. 2002


Foreword: It Must be Beautiful. 2002
A Revolution with no revolutionaries: The Planck-Einstein Equation for the Energy of a Quantum. 2002
Robert M. May. The Best Possible Time to be Alive: The Logistic Map. 2002
Oliver Morton. A Mirror in the Sky: The Drake Equation. 2002
Peter Galison. The Sextant Equation: E = mc2. 2002
Aisling Irwin. An Environmental Fairy Tale: The Molina-Rowland Chemical Equation and the CFC Problem. 2002
Arthur I. Miller. Erotica, Aesthetics and Schrodinger's Wave Equation. 2002
Frank Wilczek. A Piece of Magic: The Dirac Equation. 2002
John Maynard Smith. Equations of Life: The Mathematics of Evolution. 2002
Roger Penrose. The Rediscovery of Gravity: The Einstein Equation of General Relativity. 2002
Igor Aleksander. Understanding Information, Bit by Bit: Shannon's Equations. 2002
Christine Sutton. Hidden Symmetry: The Yang-Mills Equation. 2002
Steven Weinberg. Afterword: How Great Equations Survive. 2002