Books : reviews

Jonathan P. Bowen, Andreas Fett, Michael G. Hinchey, eds.
ZUM '98: The Z Formal Specification Notation: 11th International Conference of Z Users, Berlin.
Springer. 1998

(read but not reviewed)


Klaus Grimm. Industrial Requirements for the Efficient Development of Reliable Embedded Systems. 1998
Clemens Fischer. How to Combine Z with a Process Algebra. 1998
Bill Stoddart. The Specification and Refinement of an Environmental Model. 1998
Leesa Murray, David Carrington, Ian MacColl, Jason McDonald, Paul A. Strooper. Formal Derivation of Finite State Machines for Class Testing. 1998
Ib Holm Sorensen. Using B to Specify, Verify and Design Hardware Circuits. 1998
Jonathan P. Bowen, David Chippington. Z on the Web Using Java. 1998
Paolo Ciancarini, Cecilia Mascolo, Fabio Vitali. Visualizing Z Notation in HTML Documents. 1998
Thomas Santen. On the Semantic Relation of Z and HOL. 1998
C. Luth, E. W. Karlsen, Kolyang Kolyang, S. Westmeier, B. Wolff. HOL-Z in the UniForM-Workbench - A Case Study in Tool Integration for Z. 1998
Jonathan Jacky. Analyzing a Real-Time Program with Z. 1998
Rob D. Arthan. Recursive Definitions in Z. 1998
Martin C. Henson, Steve Reeves. A Logic for the Schema Calculus. 1998
Ian Toyn. Innovations in the Notation of Standard Z. 1998
Richard F. Paige. Comparing Extended Z with a Heterogeneous Notation for Reasoning about Time and Space. 1998
Samuel H. Valentine. Inconsistency and Undefinedness in Z - A Practical Guide. 1998
Kevin C. Lano, P. Kan, Arturo Sanchez. Compositional Specification of Controllers for Batch Process Operations. 1998
John Derrick, Eerke A. Boiten. Testing Refinements by Refining Tests. 1998
Susan Stepney, David Cooper, Jim Woodcock. More Powerful Z Data Refinement: Pushing the State of the Art in Industrial Refinement. 1998
full paper
Brendan P. Mahony, Jin Song Dong. Network Topology and a Case Study in TCOZ. 1998
Viktor Friesen, Andre Nordwig, Matthias Weber. Object-Oriented Specification of Hybrid Systems Using UMLh and ZimOO. 1998
S. Dupuy, Y. Ledru, M. Chabre-Peccoud. Translating the OMT Dynamic Model into Object-Z. 1998