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Books : reviews

P. N. Elrod, Roxanne Conrad, eds.
Stepping Through the Stargate: science, archaeology and the military in Stargate SG-1.
Benbella. 2004


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Catherine Asaro, John Cannizzo. Through the apple. 2004
Melanie Fletcher. Yasureyoubetcha: SF-speak that doesn't make you wince. 2004
Sue E. Linder-Linsley. Exploring the archaeology of Stargate SG-1. 2004
Jim Butcher. Artificial intelligence and genuine stupidity. 2004
Fran Terry. Help! The aliens have landed and taken over my brain. 2004
John Gribbin. Time travel for beginners. 2004
J. C. Vaughn. We need you back. 2004
Ann Wortham. Spin the Gate. 2004
Daniel C. Dennett. Where am I?. 1981
Susan Sizemore. I think he's called Homer. 2004
Sten Odenwald. Stargate: the Final Frontier?. 2004
Roxanne Conrad. When in Rome, don't wear that. 2004
Kelley Walters. I'm not an archetype but I play one on TV. 2004
Bradely H. Sinor. Fear and loating on Cimmeria. 2004
James Tichenor. A season of Stargate. 2004
P. N. Elrod. The villains I love to hate. 2004
James Anthony Kuhoric. Creativity, continuity and the modern license comic book. 2004
Julia Blackshear Kosatka. Jack's brain: what were the Asgard thinking?. 2004
Gina McGuiness. Vacuum tubes and intergalactic portals. 2004
Tom McBeath. Ruminations from a rat bastard. 2004