Books : reviews

I. O. Evans, ed.
Science Fiction Through the Ages 1.


Lucian de Samosata. (from) A True Story. 170
Francis Bacon. (from) The New Atlantis. 1627
Mary Shelley. (from) Frankenstein. 1818
Jules Verne. (from) Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. 1870
Walter Scott. (from) Count Robert of Paris. 1832
Plato. (from) The Timaeus and Critias. 1966
Johannes Kepler. (summary of) Somnium. 1634
Dean Swift. (from) Gulliver's Travels. 1726
Robert Paltock. (from) The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins. 1751
Voltaire. Micromegas. 1752
Samuel Butler. (from) Erewhon. 1872
Edgar Allan Poe. The Balloon Hoax. 1966