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K. Eric Drexler.
Engines of Creation: the coming era of nanotechnology.
Anchor/Doubleday. 1986

rating : 2 : great stuff

K. Eric Drexler.
Radical Abundance: how a revolutoin in nanotechnology will change civilization.
Perseus. 2013

What if we were really good at making things? And we had the ability to do so cleanly, inexpensively, and on a global scale? What if solar arrays and laptop supercomputers cost no more to make than cardboard and aluminum foil? Ultra-efficient vehicles, lighting, and the entire behind-the-scenes infrastructure of an industrial civilization could all be made, delivered, and operated at a low cost, and with a zero carbon footprint. The results could shake the very foundations of our economy, bringing a new era of radical abundance, and it all comes down to nanotechnology.

K. Eric Drexler was the first to propose and explore the hidden idea of engineering on the molecular level. In Radical Abundance he tells the story of how the once far-out idea of nanotechnology took hold in science and popular culture, then shows how ever-quickening progress in nanoscale technologies is on the way to transforming our world. Thanks to atomically precise manufacturing, we will gain the power to produce radically more of what people want, and at a drastically lower cost.

Already scientists have constructed prototypes for circuit boards built of millions of precisely arranged atoms. The advent of this kind of atomic precision promises to everything—from the way that our technology is made to the fundamentals of how our economy operates. A provocative tour of cutting-edqe science and its implications by the field’s founder and master, Radical Abundance offers a mind-expanding vision of a world hurtling toward an unexpected future.