Books : reviews

Groff Conklin, ed.
Possible Tomorrows.


Isaac Asimov. The Dead Past. 1956
Kingsley Amis. Something Strange. 1961
J. T. McIntosh. Unit. 1957
James H. Schmitz. Gone Fishing. 1961
Con man Barney Chard thinks he's on to easy money when he discoveres a physicist hiding a fantastic invention. But the physicist has bigger plans.
F.L Wallace. Big Ancestor. 1954

Groff Conklin, ed.
Seven Trips Through Time and Space.


Cordwainer Smith. The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal. 1964
Larry Niven. Flatlander. 1967
Jonathan Blake MacKenzie. Overproof. 1965
J. T. McIntosh. Poor Planet. 1964
Kris Neville. Shamar's War. 1964
Frank Herbert. The Tactful Saboteur. 1964
H. Beam Piper. Ministry of Disturbance. 1958

Groff Conklin, ed.
Great Science Fiction by Scientists.
Collier. 1962


Arthur C. Clarke. Summertime on Icarus. == The Hottest Piece of Real Estate in the Solar System. 1960
Isaac Asimov. What If -. 1952
Eric Temple Bell. The Ultimate Catalyst. 1939
Miles J. Breuer. The Gostak and the Doshes. 1930
Ralph S. Cooper. The Neutrino Bomb. 1962
Chandler Davis. Last Year's Grave Undug. 1962
J. B. S. Haldane. The Gold-Makers. 1932
Julian Huxley. The Tissue-Culture King. 1927
Willy Ley. A Martian Adventure. == At the Perihelion. 1937
James McConnell. Learning Theory. 1957
Chad Oliver. The Mother of Necessity. 1955
John R. Pierce. John Sze's Future. 1962
Robert S. Richardson. Kid Anderson. 1956
Louis N. Ridenour. Pilot Lights of the Apocalypse. 1946
Leo Szilard. Grand Central Terminal. 1952
Norbert Wiener. The Brain. 1952

Isaac Asimov, Groff Conklin, eds.
50 Short Science Fiction Tales.

(read but not reviewed)


T.P Caravan. Random Sample. 1953
Cleve Cartmill. Oscar. 1941
Peter Cartur. The Mist. 1952
James Causey. Teething Ring. 1953
Arthur C. Clarke. The Haunted Spacesuit. == Who's There?. 1958
Mildred Clingerman. Stair Trick. 1952
Roger Dee. Unwelcome Tenant. 1950
Arthur Feldman. The Mathematicians. 1953
Jack Finney. The Third Level. 1952
Stuart Friedman. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!. 1952
Edward Grendon. The Figure. 1947
David Grinnell. The Rag Thing. 1951
Marion Gross. The Good Provider. 1952
Robert A. Heinlein. Columbus Was a Dope. 1947
Albert Hernhuter. Texas Week. 1954
H. B. Hickey. Hilda. 1952
W. Hilton-Young. The Choice. 1963
Damon Knight. Not With a Bang. 1950
C. M. Kornbluth. The Altar at Midnight. 1952
Fritz Leiber. A Bad Day For Sales. 1953
John Lewis. Who's Cribbing?. 1953
John D. MacDonald. Spectator Sport. 1950
Avro Manhattan. The Cricket Ball. 1955
Winston K. Marks. Double-Take. 1953
John P. McKnight. Prolog. 1951
Lion Miller. The Available Data on the Worp Reaction. 1953
Alan Nelson. Narapoia. 1951
Alan E. Nourse. Tiger by the Tail. 1951
Peter Phillips. Counter Charm. 1963
Arthur Porges. The Fly. 1952
Mack Reynolds. The Business, as Usual. 1952
Frank M. Robinson. Two Weeks in August. 1951
Edward G. Robles. See?. 1954
Eric Frank Russell. Appointment at Noon. 1954
James H. Schmitz. We Don't Want Any Trouble. 1953
The aliens don't want any trouble, and the humans are going to have to be very careful to ensure they don't get any. But that might not be enough.
Howard Schoenfeld. Built Down Logically. 1951
Robert Sheckley. The Perfect Woman. 1954
Walt Sheldon. The Hunters. 1952
Evelyn E. Smith. The Martian and The Magician. 1952
Will Stanton. Barney. 1951
Theodore Sturgeon. Talent. 1953
William Tenn. Project Hush. 1954
A. E. van Vogt. The Great Judge. 1948
Ralph Williams. Emergency Landing. 1940
S Fowler Wright. Obviously Suicide. 1951
Karen Anderson. Six Haiku. 1962
Poul Anderson. Ballade of an Artificial Satellite. 1958
Isaac Asimov. The Fun They Had. 1951
Alan Bloch. Men Are Different. 1954
Anthony Boucher. The Ambassadors. 1952
Fredric Brown. The Weapon. 1951
Idris Seabright. An Egg a Month from All Over. 1952