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Alec Clifton-Taylor.
Six English Towns: revised edn.
BBC. 1986

England’s small towns are as important a part of our architectural heritage as great buildings. In his book and BBC2 television series Six English Towns, the late Alec Clifton-Taylor took six of them – Chichester, Richmond, Tewkesbury, Stamford, Totnes and Ludlow – to show how site, local materials, traditions of building, and social and commercial history have given each town a distinct character.

The towns were chosen to show the variety of English building. The important buildings get fair notice, but in each town the greatest value lies in the way Alec Clifton-Taylor deals with the houses, cottages, shops and markets that make up the bulk of the buildings. It is here that his unrivalled knowledge of building materials and his delight in the use English builders have made of them comes into his own.

Alec Clifton-Taylor, Denis Moriarty.
Buildings of Delight.
Gollancz. 1988