Books : reviews

Tom Boardman Jr, ed.
An ABC of Science Fiction.


William Tenn. Project Hush. 1954
Brian W. Aldiss. Let's Be Frank. 1957
Fredric Brown. Pattern. 1954
Arthur C. Clarke. The Awakening. 1942
Avram Davidson. I Do Not Hear You, Sir. 1958
Carol Emshwiller. Day at the Beach. 1959
Philip Jose Farmer. King of the Beasts. 1964
Daniel F. Galouye. Homey Atmosphere. 1961
Harry Harrison. Mute Milton. 1966
Washington Irving. The Conquest by the Moon. 1809
Laurence M. Janifer. In the Bag. 1963
Damon Knight. Maid to Measure. 1964
Fritz Leiber. X Marks the Pedwalk. 1963
Walter M. Miller Jr. No Moon for Me. 1952
Alan E. Nourse. Family Resemblance. 1953
Chad Oliver. Final Exam. 1952
Frederik Pohl. The Bitterest Pill. == The Richest Man in Levittown. 1959
Frank Quattrochi. He Had a Big Heart. 1955
Eric Frank Russell. Love Story. 1957
Clifford D. Simak. The Fence. 1954
Helen M. Urban. The Finer Breed. 1956
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Harrison Bergeron. 1961
John Wyndham. Close Behind Him. 1952
Robert F. Young. Thirty Days Had September. 1957
Roger Zelazny. The Great Slow Kings. 1963
B. T. H. Xerxes. Three Limericks. 1966