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Jeremy Blum.
Exploring Arduino: tools and techniques for engineering wizardry.
Wiley. 2013

Arduino can take you anywhere. This book is the roadmap.

Exploring Arduino shows how to use the world's most popular microcontroller to create cool, practical, artistic, and educational projects. Through lessons in electrical engineering, programming, and human-computer interaction, this book walks you through specific, increasingly complex protects, all the while providing best practices that can apply to your own projects once you've mastered these. You'll acquire valuable skills—and have a whole lot of fun.

  • Explore the features of several commonly used Arduino boards
  • Use the Arduino to control very simple tasks or complex electronics
  • Learn principles of system design, programming, and electrical engineering
  • Discover code snippets, best practices, and system schematics you can apply to your original projects
  • Master skills you can use for engineering endeavors in other fields and with different platforms

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