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Gordon J. Barclay.
Farmers, Temples and Tombs: Scotland in the Neolithic and early Bronze Age.
Canongate Books. 1998

This book describes the revolutionary period in early Scottish history when hunter-gatherers gave way to the first farmers and the beginnings of settled society in Scotland. For too long the story of this exciting period has been told using the same stone-built sites, mainly in the north and on Orkney. This new study tells the story using evidence from all over Scotland, from simple settlements as well as the great monuments, tombs and mysterious standing stones that are still such a notable feature of today’s landscape.

Designed thoughout with colourful and detailed illustrations, Farmers, Temples and Tombs outlines in a clear and understandable way the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in Scotland. It contains in-depth features on important Neolithic sites, and emphasises that what are now archaeological sites were once places where normal people lived. Included in the book are specially commissioned illustrations which show how different sites might have looked, as well as a list of Neolithic sites that can be visited across Scotland.