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Carlos Bueno, Ytaelena López.
Lauren Ipsum.
Open Library. 2011

rating : 6 : unfinishable
review : 28 April 2019

Lauren Ipsum is lost in Userland.

She knows where she is, or where she’s going, but not at the same time. The only way out is through Jargon-infested swamps, gates guarded by perfect logic, and the perils of breakfast time at the Philosopher's Diner. With only her wits and the help of a colorblind chameleon, Laurie must map her own way home.

A story about computer science and other improbable things.

Lauren Ipsum is trying to find her way home. She keeps meeting strange characters who talk in riddles and computer science puns, and experiences lots of covert computer science education. (The punning has a faint resonance with the somewhat less educational Little Polynomial but without the double entendres.)

My aim in reading this was to see if it might be a friendly introduction to computer science concepts for new learners. But I find that I’m not sure who this is aimed at, really. Someone after the level of computer science education given here wouldn’t get the puns and allusions. Someone advanced enough to get them will probably already know the computer science lessons. Maybe an intermediate learner would benefit, yet the framing story may not be interesting enough to hold attention. I stopped at p37.