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Andy Blackwell.
Home Plumbing Manual.
Haynes. 2012

At some point every homeowner will be confronted by their plumbing, be it a dripping tap, a flood of almost biblical proportions, a freezing cold house, a new dream bathroom or the latest gas bill. This manual covers it all and is bang up-to-date, dealing with real taps that often don’t have washers (but still drip) right through to the latest green technologies and gadgets that could save a fortune.

Everything is explained in a dear and light-hearted fashion that will leave the reader confident that they can tackle their own plumbing and not have to cross the living room by canoe afterwards. Rather than a dull list of instructions there are loads of tips and hints from a working plumber, all designed to ensure that the reader will still be fit and dry when the plumbing medals are being handed out.