Short works

Books : reviews

Robert Aunger, ed.
Darwinizing Culture: the status of memetics as a science.
OUP. 2000


Introduction to 'Darwinizing Culture'. 2000
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Henry Plotkin. Culture and psychological mechanisms. 2000
Rosaria Conte. Memes through (social) minds. 2000
Kevin Laland, John Odling-Smee. The evolution of the meme. 2000
Robert Boyd, Peter J. Richerson. Memes: universal acid or a better mousetrap?. 2000
Dan Sperber. An objection to the memetic approach to culture. 2000
Adam Kuper. If memes are the answer, what is the question?. 2000
Maurice Bloch. A well-disposed social anthropologist's problems with memes. 2000
Conclusion to 'Darwinizing Culture'. 2000