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Books : reviews

Ralph H. Abraham, Christopher D. Shaw.
Dynamics: the geometry of behavior: 2nd edn.
Addison-Wesley. 1992

The study of chaos provides a new paradigm for the sciences, and Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior is a comprehensive exploration of this important branch of mathematics. The book shows a new way to learn a new mathematics – it is a visual tour that’s accessible to a wide range of academic levels. Imaginative, full-color graphics translate dynamical systems theory for the layman as well as the seasoned researcher. Originally published as a four-part series, this wonderfully readable compendium offers the complete set in one volume for the first time. Dynamics: The Geometry of Behavior is a profusely illustrated, inventive book designed for anyone who wants to learn more about dynamical systems theory.

Ralph H. Abraham, Yoshisuke Ueda, eds.
The Chaos Avant-Garde: memories of the early days of chaos theory.
World Scientific. 2000


Steve Smale. On How I Got Started in Dynamical Systems 1959-1962. 1980
Steve Smale. Finding a horseshoe on the Beaches of Rio. 1998
Yoshisuke Ueda. Strange Attractors and the Origin of Chaos. 1992
Yoshisuke Ueda. My Encounter with Chaos. 1994
Yoshisuke Ueda. Reflections on the Origin of the Broken-Egg Chaotic Attractor. 2000
Ralph H. Abraham. The Chaos Revolution: A Personal View. 2000
Edward N. Lorenz. The Butterfly Effect. 1993
Christian Mira. I. Gumowski and a Toulouse Research Group in the "Prehistoric" Times of Chaotic Dynamics. 2000
Floris Takens. The Turbulence Paper of D. Ruelle and F. Takens. 2000
T. Y. Li, James A. Yorke. Exploring Chaos on an Interval. 2000
Otto E. Rossler. Chaos, Hyperchaos and the Double-Perspective. 2000