Books : reviews

Mark Lutz, David Ascher.
Learning Python.
O'Reilly. 1999

(read but not reviewed)

Alan Martelli, Anna Martelli Ravenscroft, David Ascher.
Python Cookbook: 2nd edn.
O'Reilly. 2005

Python is well-known as a robust and elegant language, with support for both functional and object-oriented programming styles. When you choose to use Python, however, you get more than just a language—you also become part of an incredibly enthusiastic and supportive community of Python programmers who reach out to help each other learn and grow in their use of the language. Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition is just one tangible manifestation of that Python community. In it, you’ll find practical solutions to many common Python programming problems. These solutions come from the community, from Python programmers who for many years have contributed to the online Python Cookbook hosted by ActiveState at These are battle-tested solutions; contributed, reviewed, enhanced, and now brought together in book form.