Village of the Damned


SF elements

alien children


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In the isolated town of Midwich, the whole population -- people, animals, birds -- fall unconscious for 6 hours. They awake, seemingly unharmed, and life returns to normal, but then it is discovered ten of the townswomen are pregnant. As they grow up, those white-haired children are found to have terrifying powers. Since anyone who tries to hurt them soon commits suicide, how can they be stopped?

The restriction to just ten children, and making one of them almost "normal", blunts the horror slightly. But, although not quite as good as the 1960 version, this adaptation of John Wyndham 's The Midwich Cuckoos is still worth watching.

Rating: 3.5

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Dr Alan Chaffee ..... Christopher Reeve
Dr Susan Verner ..... Kirstie Alley
Jill McGowan ..... Linda Kozlowski
Father George ..... Mark Hamill

reviewed 22 July 2001