SF elements

living in a TV show


Pleasantville , a black and white 1950s "Hi, honey, I'm home!" TV soap opera, is David's favorite show. He's getting ready for an all-night Pleasantville marathon, when he fights over the remote control with his sister Jennifer, and they both end up in the show, as teens Bud and Mary Sue.

[Bud helps his Mom with her colour problem]

Initially David is in his element in the cosy world, while Jennifer is appalled at the stifling old-fashioned life style, and desperate to get home. But gradually, they each begin to realise the problems, and possibilities, of this new life. As they change, their modern attitudes also start affecting the other characters, bringing a little colour into their lives.

This is a fairly straightforward, but well done, story of its kind, with a few nice touches. In particular, the gradual emergence of colour from the black and white is very well done, and adds a special something to the show, giving a Wizard of Oz resonance.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 1 January 2002