Over the Hedge

2006 / in flight

fantasy elements

talking animals


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R.J., a sneaky racoon, attempts to steal hibernating bear Vincent's stash of food. But it gets destroyed, and Vincent threatens to kill him if it's not replaced in a week. So off goes R.J., and cons a bunch of woodland animals into helping him "liberate" supplies from a suburban housing estate. [Heather the possum] They think they're gathering food for their next hibernation, but R.J. intends to take it all to Vincent. Of course, things go wrong, and, of course, R.J. ends up seeing the error of his ways, and appreciating the love of his new family.

But on the way to the rather saccharine ending, there are tons of great jokes and sight gags, poking fun at consumerist living and up-tight suburbanites. And the plot has some nice little threads running through it, such as the contents of R.J.'s bag, and the way the baby porcupines' experience with games consoles comes in very handy later, and the turtle shell, and ...

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 10 January 2007