Monsters, Inc


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animated childhood monsters


[the monsters]

Monsterland is in trouble -- it's powered by children's screams, but children just don't scare so easily nowadays. In the midst of this power crisis are two everyday working monsters: the gentle-hearted champion child-scarer and his wise-cracking sidekick. They accidentally release a human child into monsterland -- with hilarious and devastating consequences.

Pixar/Disney have another winner here. It's not as good plot-wise as its direct competitor, Shrek , because it is rather simpler, and has less in it for adults. (And it's probably too scary for really small children.) But there are some good jokes, the saccharine is kept to a bearable level, and animation technology just keeps on getting better -- the fur flies quite realistically. (People are still a problem, though.)

The out-takes are great fun, too.

Rating: 3

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reviewed 1 April 2002